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About our website:
This website was created aiming to provide a pleasant yet secure experience of buying pets equipment and accessories online.
Our website offers a vast range of products, for all kinds of pets, with all that is necessary for giving them a loving home. Visitors can find accessories, furniture, food, toys and everything needed for family pets.
Petsboutique.org relies on a very serious supplier with reliable shipping ability and a clear refund policy, Amazon.com.

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About us:
This website is managed by Optimize Performances Ltd, a private Israeli enterprise, at the ownership of Yael Dulman.

Optimize Performances Ltd specializes in marketing and internet-promotion around the world, in different fields such as dedicated and local directories, prestigious and fashion jewelry, diamonds, home services, fashion, food and wine, arts and more.

Yael Dulman: Masters Degrees in Philosophy and Gender from Tel Aviv University, NASDAQ S-7 licensed broker, Owner and CEO at Optimize Performances Ltd.
Yael Dulman
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Cats Love

Is there anything more adorable than a cat's love?!
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